Second Life Guides, Directories and Search Engines

[LL] means provided by Linden Lab and [3P] means provided by a Third Party.

Introductory Guides and Help

General-Purpose SL Search Engines

SL Shopping on the Web

  • The Second Life Marketplace [LL]
  • Textures R Us (TRU) – Shop for SL textures on the web. [3P]
  • metaLIFE Marketplace [3P]
  • You can search for “dancing shoes” (or anything else) for sale inworld: Go, enter “dancing shoes” into the form, click “Search”, click the Places tab, then click “See Profile” for one of the places. It will list all the things for sale at that place (provided that the owner has made them visible to web search), along with the price and location. [LL]
  • SL Classifieds – Lists all current classified ads in order of how much was paid for the ad, from highest to lowest. [LL]

Music in SL

  • SL Events Search: Live Music – Click on “All Categories” then select “Live Music”. [LL]
  • Musicians in SL – Thinkerer Melville’s list of SL musicians. [3P]
  • TRAX Music Centre – sim full of listening booths where you can hear music by SL musicians. Also resources that advise on venues, agents, streaming providers, etc. [3P]
  • SL Live Music Jams is a Facebook group where people plan RL music events (jams) by SL musicians. [3P]

Resources for Educators in SL

General Directories of Places in SL

Directories of Specific Types of Places in SL

Calendars of SL Events

SL Social Networks (Profiles, Photo Sharing, Forums, Events, Etc.)

SL Statistics

SL Region Databases

SL-Related Blogs

Shared Whiteboard / Drawing Board Sites that can be used in SL Shared Media (Media on a Prim)

Other SL References and Lists on the Web

Other SL Meta-Guides Like This